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Dosbarth Castell Coch

This term we have been exploring the topic of ‘Time Travellers.’ We stepped back in time to investigate the Roman era.

Language, Literacy and Communication

As part of our literacy work we read and acted out the myth of Romulus and Remus. We used lots of actions to help us remember the myth ready for retelling the story in our books.  We learned lots of facts about the romans throughout this topic. We wrote amazing acrostic poems about the romans using lots of adjectives.  

Mathematics & Numeracy

We have been very busy with our maths work this term. So far we have ordered and partitioned numbers, investigated odd and even numbers and used a new pictorial method to help us work out addition and subtractions problems.


During our topic work we have investigated the life of a roman child and compared it to our own lives. We found out that roman children did not have electricity and didn’t have ipads or computers! We looked at lots of items and sorted them into hoops for a roman child and for children today. We also looked at the key events of the Roman Empire and created a timeline.