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Dosbarth Barri

This term our topic is “All About Me!” and we have been finding out about each other. We have thought about what we look like, who is in our family, what our likes and dislikes are and how are bodies are put together.

Language, Literacy and Communication

Using a range of books such as ‘Let’s Make Faces’ by Hanoch Piven,‘My Book About Me’ by Dr Seuss and ‘Funny Bones’ by Allan and Janet Ahlberg, we have thought about our bodies inside and out. We have discussed who makes up our family and friends as well as what bones make up our body and our body parts. We have really enjoyed singing the Funny Bones song. Also, we have talked about what some of our favourite things are.

Mathematics and Numeracy

In Numeracy, we have been looking at numbers to 20 as well as shape and pattern. We have tried to find shape and pattern in our natural environment and have used the book ‘Mouse Shapes’ by Ellen Stoll Walsh for inspiration. We have enjoyed singing songs and rhymes to help us with our numbers to 20.


For creative development and expressive arts we have explored line drawing by using chalk pastels on black paper. We have been painting, drawing and using fruit to create different types of faces. We looked at the artist Arcimboldo to help us create fruit faces and we thought these were fun and unusual. We are hoping to use pumpkins at the end of the half term to create some more unusual faces and explore this seasonal fruit.

In ICT we have been learning how to use a camera in to take selfies and how to use the keyboard to write short sentences about ourselves.

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