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Class 2

In Class 2 this half term our topic is ‘Explorers’.

We began this topic by reading the story ‘Whatever Next’ about a baby bear that makes a rocket and flies to the moon to have a picnic with an owl.


The children enjoyed creating a class story map and used actions to retell the story. They then went off to create their own story maps.


In maths we have been learning all about money. We looked at the different coins and then paid for items costing 1p 2p 5p and 10p. We then looked at paying for items costing up to 10p.


In ICT we have been learning all about coding. We had to programme the Bee bot by pressing forwards, backwards and then added in turns to help him get to the right house.

Forest School

During our first forest school trip we learnt all the rules we need to follow to keep us safe. We then went and collected natural materials to make an alien.


 In Welsh lessons, we have been learning how to ask ‘Which shape.’ We have used the vocabulary patterns:

Pa siâp? - Which shape?

Triongl - triangle

Cylch  -  circle

Sgwâr - square

Petryal - rectangle

Seren - star

We went on a shape hunt outside and had to tell our friends what shapes we had found.